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The Driveway Company encourages entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners in the Chicago Metropolitan Area to join our growing franchise opportunities in Illinois. As a team of dedicated professionals, we follow a proven model that will have you reaping the rewards in no time. This is just one of the many benefits you can leverage by partnering with our long-established brand.

While there are many franchise opportunities in Chicago, at The Driveway Company, we set a high standard and keep to our family values throughout our various projects. If you’re new to the driveway repair industry or want to know more about it, we provide expert training and advice that will boost your knowledge and know-how when getting started. Further, we equip you with an extensive network in which you can find reliable, certified professionals in the field of driveway maintenance and repair. We will also thoroughly train you to build a network of clients and a notable referral base.

Getting started with one of the best franchise opportunities in Chicago is simple when you partner with The Driveway Company. All you need to get your business off the ground is a van and a small number of employees. That means it's only a short time between obtaining your TDC franchise and earning money from your first job. So if you’re looking for a business for sale in Chicago, we guarantee your TDC business will prosper thanks to our turn-key approach. It takes minimal time for you to establish your Chicago concrete franchise as a trusted member of your community.

Benefits of Investing In a Driveway Company Concrete Franchise in Chicago

We Help First-Time Entrepreneurs and Experienced Business Owners Build A Nationally Recognized Brand

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Are you looking to start a new business? TDC's franchise model will have you opening your doors in no time at all, and with a low upfront investment, joining a Chicago concrete franchise has never been easier. All you need is a van and a couple of trained staff members, and you'll be ready to tackle your first job.

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Since only a low investment is needed to start, you can expect high returns. Our business model highlights financial performance. And to assure this rings true, we will check in with our franchisees every month. We believe in supporting new franchises and staying up-to-date with your business.

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The TDC franchise model was devised to train you and set you up to be your own boss. As a result, it's never been so easy to manage a new team and business operations effectively. With us, entrepreneurs can get in on the ground floor with one of the fastest-growing franchise opportunities Illinois has to offer.

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When joining our expansive TDC franchise, you don't need to worry about the usual hiccups involved in starting a new business — marketing and lead generation are taken care of. We have a unique marketing strategy that will give you a substantial edge in this competitive market. We will have your phone ringing right away and continue supporting you as your business grows.

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Since starting with TDC doesn't require you to have an inventory or a set premises to operate from, you can commence business operations with a small number of employees. This gives you the added advantage of becoming profitable sooner. Further, we ensure your team is expertly trained and you will have access to our ongoing support.

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Concrete is our specialty, which means we handle more than just driveways. You name it, and we will tackle it with our unmatched expertise and experience, from repairing and installing sidewalks, to fixing pools. We help our clients remedy cracks in their concrete and challenging foundation issues. Our team takes pride in ensuring concrete surfaces are expertly sealed, lifted, and cleaned.

Why The Driveway Company is the Best Chicago Franchise Opportunity For Your Concrete Business

$19 Billion

U.S. Paving Contractor Industry Market Size


The Amount of Experience You Need to Start a Franchise With Us

20% Off

First Franchise Fee Discount Available for Honorably Discharged Veterans

Why Choose The Driveway Company as Your Chicago Concrete Franchise Partner

We Fully Support You Every Step of Your Journey

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Join A Growing Industry

If you’re looking for a business for sale in Chicago, you’re in luck. Concrete industry services are in high-demand and continue to follow a sustained pattern of growth. Over time, concrete surfaces will need tending to and the industry requires trained professionals to carry out these services. As a TDC franchise specializing in driveways, sidewalks, patios, and swimming pools, you will build up a reputation for providing quality work. As a result, your company will be the first one your community calls as a nationally recognized brand.


Build Relationships In Your Community

At The Driveway Company, we believe delivering exceptional service coupled with forging strong relationships with community members is what sets our franchise owners apart. And so, by performing exceptional work for your community, you'll find your reputation quickly circulates as customers pass on your business details to their friends and family.


You Are Fully Supported

Without the necessary resources and support, starting your own business can be daunting on your own. This is why we believe in fostering ongoing support with our franchise members. We want your business to thrive, so we offer training, resources, and a hands-on partnership program. We are with you every step of the way. Further, our franchise system is renowned, and our executive team has many years of experience in opening new and successful franchises all over the country.

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No Experience Necessary

So, you’re not an experienced entrepreneur, or you don't have experience in the concrete industry. No problem. We will help you gain the certifications, build a solid marketing plan, expand your network, and find staff. Our team will also do monthly check-ins and offer regular advice to help you achieve your goals. A passion for customer service and dedicated approach is what helps our TDC franchise owners succeed.


Now is the Perfect Time to Join the Paving Contractor Market

Demand for Residential Construction is On The Rise

Thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, families have been staying home more. With this change, the demand for residential construction has increased. There's been a rise in the need for fixing up outdoor areas and pools. More people are spending time upgrading their gardens and areas around the home. With this, it’s evident that The Driveway Company offers a recession-resistant business model, since it’s continued growing even in volatile economic situations.

With an increased need for laying, replacing, and repairing concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and floors, it’s clear that starting a Chicago concrete franchise is a smart move. In addition, you will have an influx of clients by joining the TDC franchise, putting you in a sustainable and healthy financial standing.

The Driveway Company is also proud to help uplift and better communities. By maintaining and repairing the concrete surfaces of the Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area, we positively impact the appeal of the city. Further, your TDC franchise will also offer well-paid jobs to residents, which adds to raising the standard of living for locals.

Why not make a lasting impression by providing quality work for your city? You can do this by joining a team that already has a reputation as a trusted concrete repair company. In addition, you will benefit from our acquired knowledge and support, ultimately building your own successful business.

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The Driveway Company franchise is for you if you're looking for an established business model or a business for sale in Chicago. Starting a concrete repair business that’s easy to open and scale, with low initial investment costs, is made possible with The Driveway Company. We aim to help entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities in Chicago. We know what it takes to become a successful business owner. Our model ensures that your business is up and running quickly, generating a vast client base and income.

Our innovative executive team shares one essential belief: The most profitable way to partake in the market is to go into business for yourself, and the TDC team is here to help you do just that.

For more information on franchise opportunities in Illinois with TDC, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page below or call us right now at 254-277-2693.


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