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Have you always dreamed of owning your own company but just don't know where or how to start your entrepreneurial journey? The Driveway Company in Texas is the ideal team to start and grow with. Not only is our business modeled to get you earning almost right away, but there's also comfort in knowing that by owning a TDC franchise, you can leverage the perks of teaming up with an established brand.

So, maybe you don’t have expert experience in driveway repair and you don’t know much about it? No problem. We provide training that includes advising and showing you the best ways to find reliable, certified professionals in driveway installation and repair. And, we'll train you to build an efficient network and a solid referral base.

What do you need? Not a lot — just a van and a few employees to start. That means there's very little time between starting your TDC franchise and earning money on your first job. Your new company will only grow from there. With our turn-key business, it takes almost no time for you to build your concrete franchise into a trusted and reliable business in your community.

Benefits of Investing In a Driveway Company Concrete Franchise in Texas

We Help First-Time Entrepreneurs and Experienced Business Owners Build A Nationally Recognized Brand

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The TDC concrete franchise model is designed to get your new business off the ground and operating quickly. It is easy to open and easy to scale with low initial investment costs. In fact, all you need is a van for equipment and a minimal number of certified employees for your first job.

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Our proven business model emphasizes financial performance. Since only a low investment is required, there's the immediate potential for high returns. To promote this, we check in with our franchisees every month to provide assistance and stay up-to-date on your business' progress.

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Owning a Driveway Company franchise is a chance for you, as an entrepreneur, to get in on the ground floor with some of the fastest-growing franchises in the country. Our business's franchise model is designed to instruct you and set you up to effectively manage your team and assets.

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Don't be worried about figuring out a marketing plan for yourself. TDC has a marketing and lead generation strategy for its franchisees, which gives them a notable advantage in the market. We help you get started with an effective marketing plan that will bring in customers right away. We support you at every turn.

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Another bonus of owning a TDC franchise is that it is a home-based business. That means you have no inventory or a brick-and-mortar purchase or lease expense to worry about, and you don't need a big staff to operate the company. This will give you an advantage and put you in a better position to be profitable early in your venture.

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We are much more than driveway experts. We also install and repair sidewalks, patios and handle concrete work for swimming pools. Our team will repair cracks and joints for all the above as well as foundations. Additionally, we provide concrete sealing, rubber surfacing, concrete lifting, and surface cleaning services.

Why The Driveway Company is the Best Texas Franchise Opportunity For Your Concrete Business

$19 Billion

U.S. Paving Contractor Industry Market Size


The Amount of Experience You Need to Start a Franchise With Us

20% Off

First Franchise Fee Discount Available for Honorably Discharged Veterans

Why Choose The Driveway Company as Your Texas Concrete Franchise Partner

We Fully Support You Every Step of Your Journey

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Join A Growing Industry

Concrete needs maintenance — that's just the name of the game. Whether it's a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or swimming pool, concrete repairs are inevitable. With the ability to provide long-lasting repairs and the status of a nationally verified brand, your TDC franchise will be the first business your community turns to with their concrete needs.


Build Relationships In Your Community

Word spreads fast. When you accomplish superior work for your customers, not only will they pass your name on to their friends, but your company will be the first they call when they need more repairs. Building your franchise's reputation for delivering quality services is key to success.


You Are Fully Supported

The Driveway Company franchise is part of an award-winning concrete franchise operation. Being led by an executive team with expertise opening franchises all over the country has its advantages. And our team is enthusiastic about helping entrepreneurs achieve in their businesses with practical training, ongoing support, and partnership.

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No Experience Necessary

There's no need to feel lost. We will walk you through getting all the certifications you need. We cover everything from how to market, network, and find the best experts for hire. We also check in monthly to guide you on achieving your goals. It doesn't matter if you have no prior experience in the paving industry. All you need is a desire for excellent customer service and ambition to work hard to see your business succeed.


Now is the Perfect Time to Join the Paving Contractor Market

Demand for Residential Construction is On The Rise

If concrete cracks are left untouched, the chances are that water damage will further deteriorate the concrete. This makes repair or replacement necessary for the life cycle of a concrete structure. And this is why the driveway business is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to start a franchise that will stay active and keep them healthy financially.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, demand from residential construction has been on the rise. Consequently, industry revenue is expected to rise, and this includes the driveway paving business. We believe The Driveway Company offers a recession-resistant business model that's ideal for you as sidewalks, patios, and floors will always need repair and replacing.

The concrete repair mortars market size is estimated to be worth 2.1 billion USD in 2019 and projected to reach 2.8 billion by 2024. When you join this rapidly expanding industry by opening a TDC franchise, you’ll ensure your business is booming no matter the season. That means minimal risk and endless potential for growth for your business.

Your concrete business can also reshape your town. Your community will look to you for help to rebuild their driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas around their homes and businesses. By providing these residential and commercial paving services, you will raise the living standard for locals, offer well-paid jobs, and leave a lasting impression on residents.

You can build a reputation for providing quality work that lasts. The Driveway Company already has the distinction as a trusted driveway repair company. And if you join the team, you will benefit from our experience running a successful business.

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We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs, which is why we offer franchise opportunities in Texas. We want you to become successful business owners and believe we can help you do this by keeping a close eye on The Driveway Company's costs. Our proven business model was designed to be easy to open and easy to scale, with low initial investment costs — well below those of other franchising opportunities. Because of this, you can start your business and get the money coming at faster and lower prices than most new businesses.

Our visionary executive team shares one central belief: The best way to participate in the market at your full value is to go into business for yourself. And TDC is here to help you do just that.

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