How Big is the Industry?

Make Your Start in a $19 Billion Industry

The paving contractor industry is a huge $19 billion industry that’s expected to grow by 1.4% in the next five years, according to the market research report conducted by IBISWorld. In such a large industry, there’s undoubtedly plenty of contractors who do a rush job or work cheaply without properly explaining the job to the customer. This creates a high demand for a reliable company that knows the area and puts the customer’s needs first.

When you start a franchise with The Driveway Company, you’ll be standing on the shoulders of our established reputation. This is important in such a large industry with so many companies for people to sort through and choose from. With the average paving job costing around $4,700, according to Home Advisor, your customers need to feel confident with the contractors they bring on. They’ll have no reservations about employing your franchise’s services when they realize you are backed by such a large, trusted name.

The very nature of the driveway industry means that there will always be a demand for your franchise. Since driveways, patios, and sidewalks are outside, there’s always the threat of the concrete eroding when the soil it’s sitting on shrinks or swells. When cracks form, there’s a further risk of the concrete becoming damaged even more. This makes the driveway or floor unstable and can cause tripping hazards or damage to tires by becoming uneven.

Due to these risks, it’s imperative that a trusted company is ready to come to the home or business and fix these issues. TDC’s methods for a lasting protective sealant make our company even more valuable to homeowners in every city of every state. You can be part of giving property owners everywhere a lasting fix that will make their concrete or asphalt installations more aesthetically pleasing, functionally practical, and, most importantly, safe.

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