What is a TDC Franchise?

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There’s a high demand for laying, replacing, and repairing concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and floors, and the need for this will only continue since there will always be old or poorly laid driveways in need of repair. That makes the driveway business a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to start a franchise that will stay busy and keep them in comfortable financial standing. After all, you can’t put a price on quality work that lasts, but you can build a reputation on it. And the best part is, The Driveway Company already has a reputation as a trusted driveway repair company. All you have to do is join the team to benefit from our experience running a successful business.

Leverage the Benefits of Partnering with an Established Brand

If you’re an individual or family with entrepreneurial desires, we are the perfect team for you to start and grow with, and our business is modeled to get you earning almost right away.

You don’t need experience with driveways or running a company. When you join our team as a franchise owner, we provide the training you need to get your business started. With our low-cost business model, you don’t need to purchase any equipment, and there won’t be the added brick and mortar expenses that go along with it. This allows you to get started sooner and ensures that your workload and your profits will quickly grow.

Don’t know anything about driveway repair?

That’s not a problem. Part of the training we provide includes advising you and showing you the best ways to find reliable, certified professionals in driveway installation and repair. Not only that, we train you to build an effective network and a substantial referral base.

Since all you need is a van and a minimal number of employees to get started, there’s very little time between acquiring your TDC franchise and earning money on your first jobs. Your new company will only grow from there.

With our turn-key business, it takes almost no time for you to establish your franchise as a trusted member of your community.

“Our franchisees are natural networkers, who want to engage their communities,” explains Gary Findley, CEO of The Driveway Company. “We want our franchisees to be working jobs every single day, and so we build a pro forma business plan with our franchisees that helps them realize their long-term and short-term goals. We touch base with our franchisees at least once a month to go over their business plan and help them determine where they can spend their energies to become more profitable. We want them to be successful, and we will work with them as they scale so that they can be profitable over the long term.”

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